Tata Nano Diesel On Its Way?

Tata Motors is making its footpath on the Nano diesel version to be launched in the Indian market. The diesel Nano to be equipped with a 1000cc engine replacing the existing 623cc engine and models prices may vary based on the variants.

Tata Nano diesel versions sketch should be out by this year end and when the company finalizes the 2-cylinder diesel engine format.

Tata Nano Pictures:

  • Rajkiran

    I am egarly waiting for Tata Nano Diesel….. a small wanderful car.

  • ashish

    in wich mounth nano disel lounch we are watting small wonder car

    • http://www.burnyourfuel.com Kamal

      Hi Ashish, We havent recd any official updates as of today, but we expect Tata to launch Diesel by 2011.