Volvo India To Increase Dealership & Launch New Models In 2011

Volvo India is all set and start increasing their number of dealerships in India in 2011. As the company, also said it will introduce new models in India by 2011.

Mr. Sudeep Naraya, VP, Volvo India said, “The company sees expanded presence in India in 2011 as it launches more models in different segments and also spreads its reach from seven dealerships to about 12 by next year-end. We are not chasing numbers at the moment. The focus is on strengthening the company presence in the country since we entered in 2007.”

“The company first plans to expand the dealership which will provide prospective buyers an opportunity to visit showrooms and pick up the model of their choice. We hope to have at least 12 dealerships by next year end and possibly take it up to 15. This coupled with the launch of new models from Volvo stable will provide the necessary options to buyers. Therefore, the focus now is to reach out the products imported as a completely built unit from the manufacturing base in Belgium,” Mr. Naraya added.

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