Goodyear Launches Assurance Fuel Max Tyres

Good Year Assurance Fuel Max Tyres

Good Year Assurance Fuel Max Tyres

Good Year India has plans to enter the large truck and bus radial tyre market (TBR) and currently it is testing it.

“We are putting our TBRs into the market on a pilot basis for testing. The market study will take around 18 months after which we will launch a new range. At present we only make cross ply (nylon) tyres for trucks and buses in which we have a small market share,” said Mr. Rajeev Anand, Managing Director, Goodyear India, here on Tuesday.

He was speaking at the launch of a new range of passenger vehicle tyres ‘Assurance Fuel Max’.

“India is our second largest investment in the Asia-Pacific region. With the market and sales growing rapidly, we will invest more in modernisation, expansion and dealer network,” said Mr. Anand.

Talking about the “Assurance Fuel Max” is a new tyre from Good Year which will offer car to return 4% more fuel efficiency and 15% longer tyre life. It is also priced at a premium of 5 to 20% over the existing range.

“We will launch this tyre for the aftermarket in 15 and 16 inch sizes. Initially, these will be available for the Fiat Punto, Linea, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and the Volkswagen Polo. These will initially be imported from our plants in Indonesia and China but may be produced here if volumes grow,” said Mr. D.P. Singh, VP, Consumer Business, Good Year India.

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