Hero Honda Glamour PGM-FI Technical Specifications, Features, Colors, Wallpapers & Price Details Unveiled

Hero Honda Glamour PGM-FIHero Honda launched the Glamour PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel-Injection) in India in the month of July 2006. The company has revealed its first Fuel Injected bike from its stable.

Hero Honda Glamour PGM-FI Features:

  • PGM-FI System:
  1. The Glamour PGM-FI is equipped with a set of five sensors that monitors the engine’s operating conditions – for instance, the air entering the manifold, the engine oil temperature, the temperature of the intake air, the position of the throttle, and the angle of the camshaft. The data from these sensors are then interpreted by the Electronic Control Unit or ECU, which calculates the ideal amount of fuel to be injected to optimize the air-to-fuel ratio. Thus the new system delivers the following significant benefits

Benefits from PGM-FI System:

  1. Excellent Drivability
  2. Better Emission Performance
  3. Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Real Time Mileage Indicator:
  1. It indicates the average mileage for last 10 seconds based on the quantity of fuel consumed & distance traveled. Rider can adjust his riding habits to get optimum fuel efficiently.

Hero Honda Glamour PGM-FI RTM

How Does It RTM (Real Time Mileage) Function:

  1. The Glamour PGM-FI has yet another incredibly useful feature, introduced for the very first time in India: a Real Time Mileage Indicator.
  2. Taking the fuel injection volume data from the ECU and the distance travelled from the speed sensor, the digital display panel of the Glamour PGM-FI indicates the average mileage of the bike for the preceding 10 seconds of the journey
  • Bank Angle Sensor:
  1. The Sensor automatically cuts off the ignition and fuel supply, if the bike tips over – The fuel supply cuts off if the bike goes beyond the above high lifted angle.
  • Malfunction Indicator Lamp:
  1. It gives an indication to the rider on the functioning of the sensors in the PGM-FI system. In case of any malfunctioning the red indicator light starts blinking.
  • LCD Fuel Gauge:
  1. The level of the fuel in the fuel tank is displayed on the LCD, which is easy to read & contemporary.
  • Better Aesthetics:
  1. Body Colored Rear View Mirror
  2. Eye Catching Flaming, Dazzling, Chequered Flag Body Graphics (New Combinations)
  3. Better Aesthetics with a Black Painted Engine
  4. Very Stylish Body Colored Grab Rail

Hero Honda Glamour PGM-FI Colors:

  • Black
  • Sporty Red

Hero Honda Glamour PGM-FI is priced Rs 55450 (Ex-Showroom, Delhi) for Disc and Rs 51450 (Ex-Showroom, Delhi) for Drum Brake. * Priced may vary from time to time.

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Hero Honda Glamour PGM-FI Technical Specifications:




Air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder OHC

Displacement (cc)

124.8 cc

Maximum Power

6.72 Kw (9 Bhp) @ 7000 rpm

Maximum Torque

10.35 Nm @ 4000 rpm


Self Start / Kick Start

Bore x Stroke

52.4 x 57.9 mm

Compression Ratio

9.2 :1


FTi – Full Transisterised Ignition

Fuel System

Programmed Electronic Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)

Idle Speed

1500 rpm



Multiplate Wet

Gear Box

4 Speed constant mesh



Tubular Double Cradle type


Wheelbase (mm)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Ground Clearance (mm)


Kerb Weight (Kgs)

125 (Kick) / 129 (Self)



Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers


Swing Arm with 5 step adjustable Hydraulic Shock Absorbers


Front Disc

240 mm Dia, Pad – Non Asbestoes type

Front Drum

Internal Expanding Shoe Type (130 mm Dia); Liners – Non Asbestoes type

Rear Drum

Internal Expanding Shoe Type (130 mm Dia); Liners – Non Asbestoes type


Rim Size Front

18 x 1.60 Alloy Wheel

Rim Size Rear

18 x 1.60 Alloy Wheel



2.75 x 18 – 42 P / 4 PR


3.00 x 18 – 52 P / 6 PR



12V – 2.5 Ah (Kick) / 5 Ah (Self)

Head Lamp

Tropezoidal Multi Reflector – 35W / 35W Halogen Bulb

Tail / Stop Light

Multi Reflector – 5 / 2 1 W


Multi Reflector – Clear Lens With Amber Bulb – 10W x 4 Nos.

Tyre Pressure:

Front (Solo / Pillion)

1.75 Kg / Cm2 / 1.75 Kg / Cm2

Rear (Solo / Pillion)

2.25 Kg / Cm2 / 2.50 Kg / Cm2


Tank Capacity

12 Ltrs (Min)


1.5 Ltrs (Approx)

Hero Honda Glamour PGM-FI TV Commercial:

Press Release:

Hero Honda Motors Ltd., the ‘World No.1’ two-wheeler company, today announced the launch of India’s first Fuel Injection technology for two-wheelers, with the 125 cc Glamour FI. The new technology eliminates the need for a carburetor, offers the most comfortable drive and the lowest emissions, in addition to a host of other features, which will be available for the first time to Indian two-wheeler riders. The Glamour FI will be launched in 2 variants – Drum Kick at Rs. 49,990/- and the fully loaded Disc Self at Rs. 53,990, ex-showroom Delhi. [Roughly Rs 5500 more than the non-FI versions] and will be available in 60 towns at over 180 Hero Honda dealerships throughout the country. Hero Honda plans on extending the Fuel Injection technology to other models gradually.

Glamour FI, based on stylish 125cc motorcycle Glamour, has better fuel efficiency and ease of engine start, due to the effect of PGM-FI. Riders can view the digital real-time fuel economy indicator situated at meter face, to know the bike’s fuel efficiency at any given point of time. Its design is more refined, with its engine integrated with black color and its unique FI logo.

Speaking on this momentous occasion, Mr. Brijmohan Lall, Chairman, Hero Honda Motors said, “The Hero Honda family is elated to have set yet another precedent in the Indian two-wheeler industry. Fuel Injection Technology has till now been used in cars and is being introduced in two wheelers for the very first time in India by Hero Honda, with the help of Honda Motor Company. This is the technology of the future for all two-wheelers and we feel privileged to be the first company to offer this technology in India, with the launch of the Glamour FI.”

According to Mr. Pawan Munjal, Managing Director, Hero Honda Motors, “Today’s launch reiterates Hero Honda’s superior technological edge and pedigree of bringing world class technology to India. Through the years, we have successfully endeavored to deliver the best value proposition to our customers and we will continue to provide them with products that incorporate the most advanced technology, design and fuel-efficiency”.

The Glamour FI has a distinctive PGM – FI feature (Programmed Fuel Injection), a first in two-wheelers. This is an intelligent computer controlled electronic fuel injection system which scans critical engine operating conditions through sensors and provides input to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to inject the accurate amount of fuel as per the requirement. The sensors include – throttle position, engine operating temperature, intake air temperature, manifold absolute air pressure and crank angle.

The RTMI takes input on distance traveled and fuel consumed from the speed sensor and ECU and displays the average mileage for the preceding 10 seconds.

Hero Honda Glamour FI, The Glamour FI has a Bank Angle Sensor, an industry first feature, is an important safety feature which cuts off the fuel supply & ignition if the bike tips over (falls). Apart from these the motorcycle has a FI Malfunction Indicator Lamp which diagnoses any malfunction of sensors and indicates the same to the rider and a LCD Fuel Gauge displays fuel level in the fuel tank which is easy to read and contemporary. Apart from the new FI technology, Hero Honda’s Glamour also showcases new body colored grab rail and rear view mirrors.

The overall two-wheeler market in India has been growing rapidly, reaching approximately 7,300,000 units in 2005, a 15% increase from 2004. The market is expected to grow further in 2006, up to approximately 8,500,000 units, a 17% increase from 2005


  • Offers improved fuel efficiency & better emission performance
  • Excellent drivability owing to quick throttle response
  • Excellent cold starting ability (no choke operation)
  • Consistent engine performance at varying altitudes and ambience temperature
  • Ability to run the bike at lower speeds on top gear without engine knocking that translates into less gear changes in congested traffic conditions.
  • No starting problems after long storage periods.

[CLAIMED BENEFITS FOR RTMI (Real Time Mileage Indicator)]

  • Enables the rider to know the “Real Time Mileage”
  • Provides an opportunity to adjust riding style to get the optimum mileage
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