Official: Upgraded Tata Nano Images

"New Tata Nano Neon Rush Color Picture"

Thanks to Team BHP we are now able to bring you the official Tata Nano Images . We earlier discussed the upgrages earlier click here to read about the upgrades.

We have been informed that apart from  the cosmetic changes which we discussed earlier , the Nano’s BHP has now been bumped-up. The Tata Nano will now give out 38 BHP instead  of 35 BHP.  We quickly highlight the features of the upgraded Tata Nano once again !

"New Tata Nano Papaya Orange Color Picture"

Tata Nano Upgraded CX features

  • Black door trims with new fabric design
  • Black and silver panel dashboard
  • New improved cushioned seats
  • Glossy black colored LHS and RHS wing mirrors
"New Tata Nano 2012 Interiors Picture"

Tata Nano Upgraded LX features

  • Beige and black door trims
  • Beige and silver panel dashboard
  • New improved cushioned seats
  • New Wheel caps
  • Body colored LHS wing mirror
"New 2012 Tata Nano Interiors Picture"
LAUNCH DATE: November 21st
Tata Nano Color Schemes


Tata Motors is pulling all the tricks out of the bag to bump-up the sales of the Tata Nano.. Let’s see what happens – Stay Tuned!

Image Source : Team BHP

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