Fiat Signs Deal With Maruti Suzuki

So finally the deal has been struck with  Italian carmaker Fiat and Japan’s Suzuki Motor Corporation to supply 1 lakh diesel engines to Maruti Suzuki India. Maruti Suzuki India has a huge backlog and this supply of engines from fiat will now sure speed up the waiting list. The engine in the spotlight here is the 1.3 litre-multijet engine licensed by Fiat India Automobile which is a joint venture between Fiat and Tata Motors. As per the deal Fiat India Automobile will supply 100,000 engines to Maruti Suzuki annually for a period of three years. Fiat India is gearing up for the production of the

1.3 litre diesel engines from the fourth week of January at Fiat India Auto’s Ranjangaon plant in Pune. Maruti on the hand will be relieved as it is believed that Maruti Suzuki has around 1,10,000 customers waiting in the queue to take delivery of its largest selling car, Swift. Maruti Suzuki’s primary concern will be Swift and the company is looking at producing 20,000 units monthly. Maruti Suzuki is also looking to speed up the production of the new Swift Dzire with the additional supply of the engines.

So if we do the math starting january Suzuki Powertrain – a subsidiary of Maruti Suzuki will bump up the engine production by 5000 units a month and 8000 more units will role out from Fiat’s Ranjangaon plant. This would mean, there will be additional 13,000 more diesel engines at the disposal of Maruti Suzuki. The company is looking to clear its backlog at the earliest. – So if you are waiting on your Maruti Suzuki Swift Diesel expect to hear some good news!

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