Full Test: 2012 Toyota Fortuner 4WD Road Test

New Fortuner 4WD Manual Transmission Review: The Heavyweight Segment never did compel me so much before. But that happens when you get to drive four SUVs in a row. The road presence and the macho effect can get deep inside to even the most cowards of the people. And imagine when you have the Heavyweight Champion underneath what all is supposed to happen, it’ll be fireworks and crackers. That is what happened within my heart when I heard that the Toyota Fortuner is coming.

2012 Toyota Fortuner Diesel Test Drive

2012 Toyota Fortuner Review


2012 Toyota Fortuner Introduction:

The SUV bested the segment long before when it started its stint in India and continued that winning streak till 2011, and the long waiting queue gives a fair idea of the SUV’s demands. 2012 brings to us a new face of the Toyota Fortuner that continues the macho legacy and brings in itself a newfound flavor of modernity. Whether the new look and 2WD option carries the brute forward with the same intensity or not is for us to see now. Welcome on board, the Toyota Fortuner 2012.

2012 Toyota Fortuner Diesel Front

2012 Toyota Fortuner Exteriors:

Butch gets Subtle

Toyota Fortuner has two macho siblings, the LC Prado and the LC200. While the new front of the Fortuner resembles its elder brothers, it does tend to look softer, more of a family look if I can put it that way. It’s more like ‘a hammer became a knife’, but its still equally sharp.

The Fortuner gets everything bigger than before save for the headlamps. The massive front grill and the protruding air intake give the hulk an appeal so strong. It does lack that brutal look but becomes sharper and looks more aerodynamic now. The front bumper too gets a new design while the headlamps get the washers now.

Toyota Fortuner New Vs Old Front and Rear View

Toyota Fortuner New Vs Old – Front and Rear View

The rear of the Fortuner isn’t very different from the earlier one. The tail lamps get crystal treatment and a kink underneath while the Fortuner badging gets replaced with the 3.0 D4-D badge. The warning lamps too get a horizontal shape than the circular before highlighting the sleek new look of the vehicle.

There’s hardly any difference from the sides except for the indicators which get mounted on the ORVMs now and the new design 12 spoke alloy wheels. The alloy wheels too look more mature and subtle now than the previous ones that looked mighty and staid.

Exterior Features:

12 spoke 17” Alloy wheels, body coloured ORVMs with Electrical adjust and retract and side turn indicators, Automatic HID headlamps with washers and Front fog lamps form a part of the basic exterior features that the Fortuner possesses.

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