Jaguar Land Rover Evoque Convertible to be launched at Geneva Motor Show

Tata Motors owned Jaguar Land Rover is all set to unveil a SUV convertible concept at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. For the moment we are receiving details that the company is gearing up to unveil a Range Rover Evoque Convertible SUV concept. From our understanding if the company unveils the Range Rover Evoque Convertible Concept, then it would make this concept the world’s first premium convertible SUV. The Evoque convertible is based on the three-door Evoque. Would this convertible premium SUV concept ever come to India?

John Edwards, Land Rover Global Brand Director

The Evoque convertible concept explores the potential to further extend the nameplate’s appeal by giving existing customers more choice, whilst at the same time reaching out to a completely new customer base

Photo Credit : Autotribute

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