Full Test: 2011 Skoda Yeti 4×2 Road Test

Skoda Yeti 4×2 Review: It hasn’t been too long when Skoda added the Yeti to its Indian portfolio and completed its full range of cars with a hatchback, a C segment sedan, a D segment sedan, a sports sedan, a premium limo and an SUV. The Yeti was initially available in a 4WD format that could flex its muscles on all kind of terrains and Skoda made it loud and clear with the way they marketed the Yeti. The 4X4 Yeti was in true sense a capable off-roader. As much as I have understood us, the Indians I mean, we linger on SUVs for status, road presence and bulk than putting them through rough tracks.

Skoda Yeti 4x2 side angle

2011 Skoda Yeti 4×2 Review


Skoda Yeti 4×2 Introduction:

Neither do we want our pristine SUVs to wade rivers nor to pass sand dunes. And this is precisely what Skoda has learnt and here we greet the adorable Yeti’s pocket-cum-brain friendly version, the Yeti 4X2. Skoda has not only managed to get rid of the 4×4 Haldex setup but has also detuned the engine somewhat that makes almost 30PS less power now but at the same time supports almost a 100kg lighter vehicle. Some goodies too fly out of the box and the Yeti is now geared up for a fight in the entry-level SUV segment. The Yeti has always had that X Factor in it but never did ring the sales charts, is it Yeti’s turn now to get the numbers ticking? Well, the fight is on…

Skoda Yeti 4x2 Front

Skoda Yeti 4×2 Exteriors:

The Yeti inherits its unique exterior looks from the 4X4 Yeti save for the Badging at the rear. The 4WD Yeti gets 4X4 Badging at the rear which the 4X2 doesn’t. From front, the Yeti looks scintillatingly extraordinary with large dinner plate like circular fog lamps that seem to merge with the headlamps with ease. As soon as attention sways away from headlamps, the bold and muscular lines on bonnet grasp the charm. The big bold grill and silver brush guard that includes a large air intake in between speaks volumes of the power under the hood. A blank at traditional fog lamp space on both sides of the front bumper is the sole bland point on the Yeti’s front.

Skoda Yeti 4x2 Rear

The side profile of the Yeti does look a bit boxy with an almost vertical tail. The greenhouse area is large and it does contribute to excellent visibility from inside. The full flared wheel arches, black side underbody guards, roof rails and big 16” alloys give the Yeti a muscular stance overall.

The rear of the Yeti is a monotonous sight with an all black rear bumper (looks sporty though) and a big Skoda logo in the centre. The silver brush guard and dual exhaust pipes do add some necessary spice to the rear end.

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