Apollo Aspire 4G 300 km/h

Apollo Tyres the India manufacturer has taken a big leap with the Apollo Aspire 4G high performance tyres. The company recently launched the Apollow Aspire 4G at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The new performance tyres from Apollo can withstand speeds up-to 300km/h. Apollo tyres are globally recognized as well. Recently the company had ventured out and launched its summer and winter passenger vehicle tyres in the European market. The new Apollo Aspire 4G are purely performance tyres which will be utilized by high performance cars. Neeraj Kanwar, Managing

Apollo Aspire 4G

Director, Apollo Tyres Ltd commented on this development. He said, This tyre is a product of cross geography collaboration between our research and manufacturing teams in The Netherlands and India. Post the launch in Europe, we will make the Aspire 4G available in each of the non-European markets we currently manufacture and export to.”

The Apollo Aspire 4G has been mainly developed for superior handling in dry and wet road conditions, shorten braking distances and lower rolling noise. Apollo has given careful thought while developing the Aspire 4G performance tyres. The tyre is developed with a wide outer shoulder with intermediate grooves forms a better contact patch in dry conditions. On the other hand three wide circumferential grooves reduce chances of aquaplaning and increase grip during wet conditions. From the steering precision point Apollo has developed a special centre rib which increases stiffness inturn providing better steering. The new Aspire 4G also meets the highest European norms for external rolling noise and wet grip.

The Indian Tyre manufacturer has also tied-up with sports car manufacturer Lotus. The Apollo pavilion at the Geneva Motor Show displayed the Lotus’ eco-friendly car showing-off the high performance Apollo Tyres. The Indian company has gone a long way and we are surely proud of their growth.

News Source: Tyre Press

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