Jaguar Looking the Crossover Way

Jaguar clean flowing luxurious lines is what comes to our mind when we discuss the Jag. However now the team at Jaguar has a different plan. The guys are looking to tweak their design strength mix match a bit and go the Crossover way. In the near future Jaguar is looking to come out with a crossover which was born when the sedan and sports utility vehicle design cues were brushed together. Most manufacturers are heading this route. BMW, Audi have already managed to get a good following from their crossovers. We reported earlier that Land rover is also looking

Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Jaguar XF Sportbrake

to develop an entry lever cross over. So it was pretty evident that Jaguar would soon get into the act as well. What are your thoughts with Jaguar going the crossover way, especially keeping in mind the vehicle designs and models they have been delivering over the decades. Would the new approach suit the brand? There is a lot for Jaguar to think about. Currently the company’s product portfolio is very limited and they have to expand the same if they have to keep pace with the other manufacturer’s speed boat. So for the moment this is plan that has found an airwave in Jaguar, stay tuned for all the developments.

News Source: The Hindu Business Line

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