Full Test: 2011 Ford Endeavour Automatic Road Test

It has been almost a decade since Ford launched the Endeavour in India. Ever since, the Endeavour has enjoyed a true blue SUV status in an SUV deprived market of ours where crossovers, MUVs and soft roaders become the ultimate pick of the choice. Nevertheless, people in India have fancied hardcore hulk SUVs for their massive road presence. The ever increasing demand of Endeavour in states like Punjab and Haryana is a proof of its ongoing preference in developing states. The Endeavour went through mild mid life facelifts to maintain a hint of modernity.

2011 Ford Endeavour Automatic Front View

2011 Ford Endeavour Automatic Review


Ford Endeavour Automatic Introduction:

The Great Indian SUV in Automatic Avatar

The Endeavour now comes in three variants, the 2.5l manual, 3.0l 4X2 Automatic and 3.0l 4X4 Automatic and becomes one of the few SUVs with such wide range of engine and transmission options. So, how does it fare in our extremely price and fuel efficiency sensitive market, lets find out.

2011 Ford Endeavour Automatic Engine

Ford Endeavour Automatic Engine & Transmission:

Now that the majority of changes lie under the hood and beneath the transmission tunnel, let us concentrate on these factors first. The Endeavour 3.0 litre 4X4 AT comes equipped with a 2953cc TDCi engine with VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger) that churns out gut wrenching torque of 380Nm starting from as low as 2500 rpm and capable power output of 156PS @ 3200 rpm. The double overhead camshaft engine unit gets the capable 5 speed automatic transmission and an electric Shift on Fly that needs minimum finger input to teach the butch SUV to go the hardcore way by selecting any one of 4H or 4L options, which when coupled with ground clearance as high as 210 mm can take on the worst of Indian roads with ease.

Ford Endeavour Automatic Transmission

The 3.0 litre engine is no meager unit and boasts of a quick 0-100kmph drag time of 14.26 seconds, considering the massive 2 tonne SUVs dimensions and weight, the 0-100 Kmph timing is commendable. The transmission too feels quite adept and while it does not offer the smoothest of shifts, doesn’t even disappoint on shift quality and shift timings. And the Endeavour delivers a healthy fuel efficiency of around 10 kmpl in city and almost 15kmpl on highways, considering the mass of vehicle displaced, those are good numbers. The engine noise however filters heavily inside the cabin, to an extent that it feels that the engine is placed in close proximity to the driver. To some, that could be very irritating, but the rugged engine hum and thick volume of the engine note could give others salvation. After spending some quality time with the SUV, I started to feel the engine note to be so relaxing that I didn’t even bother to play the music system. The transmission however takes a lot of time in downshifting and again accelerating which becomes a bit tiresome on highways, especially when the intent is hurried. Nevertheless, all these rugged SUV traits still manage to plant a smile to your face, for the ruggedness is a trait that makes the Endeavour stand out as the true butch SUV.

Ford Endeavour Automatic Long view

Ford Endeavour Automatic Ride & Handling:

Technical part first, the Endeavour is equipped with Independent Double Wishbone suspensions in the front with torsion bar spring and stabilizer bar and Tubular double acting type gas filled shock absorbers at the rear. With a massive tyre size of 245/70 R16, the ride quality of Endeavour, especially at city speeds is no less than awesome. Not even a single pothole feels to disrupt the Endeavour’s momentum and the Endeavour manages to iron out the biggest of obstacles with grace. The suspensions are sprung soft and it does make the Endeavour’s ride cushiony. While the soft suspensions act as boon in city, at higher speeds they do give unintentional scares due to heavy body roll. The Endeavour’s ride however reminded quite a few co-passengers of the rides from an amusement park, such gliding effect those suspensions had.

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