Audi Develops Extra Strong Horns For Indians

German Luxury car maker has revealed that they develop extra strong horns for cars sold in India. Especially because the way Indian drivers hoot while tackling the chaotic traffic. The company has revealed that the Horn itself is a separate category that is looked into while manufacturing cars for India. It is understandable when you compare a German driver and Indian driver. The average honking an Indian driver does in a day can be compared to the annual amount of honking a German driver does. The Indian market is a booming market for luxury car manufacturers

2012 Audi TT coupe

and Audi pays a lot of attention to the Indian customers needs and minute details. Audi confirms the horns go through vigorous testing wherein for two continuous weeks only of honking is carried out. Audi is aware that most Audi cars have personal chauffeurs which has forced them to redesign the interiors so that “you can be more in command from the rear seat.” Most Indians are aware that the country’s traffic hustle is chaotic; however most of them continue to go about their drive honking their way through. Its come to such an extent Luxury car manufacturers are taking notice of our honking style, something to think about.

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