Tata Motors replacing suspension part in Maza free of cost

Tata Motors is currently replacing a part in the suspension system of its Manza at a free of cost. The part will be replaced for all the Manza that has been sold so far without calling it a recall. The company claims that a plastic components called anti-roll bar bush which is connected to the suspension of the car. I am not aware of any complaint from customers and we are replacing it free of cost said by Tata Spokesperson.

The company also claims that the part which is changed is more of a sturdy material than the earlier one. The anti-roll bar bush is

Tata Motors Manza

placed between two moving metal parts to prevent friction and provide stability to the vehicle while on the move.

“We are not recalling the Manza. We are just changing the part as and when the cars are brought to the service centres by customers,” he added. He haven’t revealed as how many Manza has been sold so far and the company launched the model in the year 2009 in the month of October. Do you own a Manza and have you changed the part as of now?

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