Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India to make India as its export hub

Honda Motor Scooters India Ltd is currently strategising itself making India as its export hub as reported by CNBC TV18 recently. The company is in process making roadmap as how it could make India as an export hub in the next two to three years down the line. Recently, the company has rearranged some senior management position for the purpose of making India as its export hub. Apart from all these changes, the company has also created four new positions within the organisation to focus on export.

HMSI Tapukara Plant

Honda Motor Scooters India has recently appointed some senior advisers from Japan for this exercise and the main focus is to become number 1 in India by 2020. The export will commence once the company’s facility at Karnataka in India and will become fully operational. The 2.8 million units installed capacities from their two plants and the third will add another 1.2 million unit’s capacity which rounds off total capacity of 4 million units. For the third plant, the company will initiate its first phase to be operational by the first half of 2013.

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