John Abraham gifts Akshay Kumar a Harley

John Abraham has gifted Akshay Kumar his close friend with a Harley Davidson motorcycle after Housefull 2 has received a tremendous success at the box-office. These two Bollywood stars worked together after seven years in Housefull 2 after their first appearance together was in their previous movie Garam Masala. Then, they both acted in the movie Dezi Boys. Both became very good friends. John said that since they both worked together for the first time, Akshay has been always a great support to him. Akshay had a great passion on motorcycles, so John liked to show his way of respect and love for him.

John Abraham gifts Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar wants a particular license plate number for his bike and will get a very special number and the entire process will be completed soon once everything is done then the bike would be delivered to Akshay Kumar.

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