Carroll Shelby tribute

Carroll Shelby a legend by name, the man who bought the blue collared muscle cars to lime light. He’s no longer with us, Shelby was declared dead in a hospital in Dallas, Texas on May 10 2012, at the age of 89. He was one among the longest living heart transplant recipient, who also underwent a kidney transplant from his own son, Michel in 1996. He was born on January 11, 1923 in Leesburg Texas. Beautiful by heart, a true hero to his name, he was the one who was responsible for the Mustang brand to emerge as a dominant American Sports-Car.

Shelby started his career in automotive industry to famous brands such as Aston Martin, Maserati during the 1950’s. He set 16 U.S and international speed records in a supercharged Austin-Healey, and for Aston-Martin he won the 24 hours Le-Mans. His Shelby Cobra till this day is a cultural icon in the U.S. Shelby then joined Ford in 1965, this long lasting relationship saw some of the most outrageous cars ever to be found on both streets as well as on the track, the Shelby GT 350 which is one of the finest examples, secured FIA Championship. In 1966 Shelby which backed Ford in the Le-Mans secured first, second and third places, this was a direct blow to Ferrari back then. This was the first time where an American team bagged top honors, this entourage did not stop they won the historic races again in 1967. The Shelby GT 350 took the Trans Am Racing in 1967, and the last Shelby Cobra was built. Ford then ended its relationship with Shelby in 1970.

But this didn’t stop Shelby, he met Lee Lacocca to built performance cars for Dodge. The Charger and the Omni took on the V8 Mustang’s till several years. Many Custom shop’s in America built Mustang’s in Carroll Shelby’s name, West Coast Customs being a prominent one rolled out its limited edition Mustang. Shelby always made sure his name was only on the fastest cars built, they were custom tuned and managed by Shelby himself for some time.

Even though he is not with us, his legacy still continues. He’s one of the greatest mastermind’s, without him we wouldn’t have seen or even heard about the Mustang Eleanor which was featured in Gone in 60 Seconds movie. 

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