Ferrari 458 Spider ‘Monaco Edition’ by MANSORY

The famous Ferrari 458 Spider, gets a new addition to its limited collection line up, this time it’s a Mansory designed 458 Spider ‘Monaco Edition’. This is so exclusive that only three cars will be ever made like the one in the picture. The majority of the change which has gone into the front takes bits of ENZO and addition of lots of carbon-fiber material to make way for more ventilation to the radiators. Company’s owner Kourosh Mansory and his team of engineers have made efforts to optimize vehicle’s weight. The interiors also get a touch of Alcantara and carbon fibre in Monaco’s colours of red and white and the engine dynamics has been modified to be much more performance orientated convertible.

The front end of the vehicle is redesigned with optimized air intakes, to the front radiator. There’s a new bonnet, side sills which makes the car more aggressive in the front. Air flow has been channeled to the axels, and has made way to better engine cooling. There’s a new diffuser built in the rear end of the car, this helps in stabilization of the car at high speeds. With these many modifications, the result is 60 kilograms lighter than the standard 458 spider. There are additions to the engine compartment of this Mansory 458, there is a sport air filter, engine management kit and a sport exhaust system. This results in a breath taking 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds which makes the car very fast when compared to the standard car.

Interiors has also undergone many changes with Mansory effectively combining the finest materials such as the finest leather, Alcantara and carbon fibre in Monaco’s colours of red and white. All these modifications are in house. Price of this vehicle is not revealed.

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