Bajaj holds domestic market sales

Bajaj Auto is upbeat in holding its domestic market, the company maintained 6.16 Lakh sales figures in  the 2011-2012 financial year. With Bajaj gearing up to launch Pulsar 200NS, and the already launched Bajaj Discover 100 and the new Bajaj Discover 125 ST, the market share is predicted to be with Bajaj. With its recent launch of the Bajaj 125 ST, Bajaj hopes to maintain the same sales figures, due to the availability of many other commuter bikes in the 100cc category, Bajaj launched its Discover 125 ST, hoping to gain a larger space in the market.

bajaj logo

bajaj logo

Rajiv Bajaj said “These are three strategically important motorcycles which should do the trick in boosting numbers in the domestic market,” to Business Line.  With Hero Motor Corp clearly dominating the commuter segment, with Bajaj Discover 100 is certainly making a presence in the commuter sement.

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