Ford India hopes 10% sales hike despite fuel hike

Ford India Pvt Ltd is working hard despite ongoing fuel price hikes, and hopes to achieve a 10% sales growth. With its completion of current Diesel engine manufacturing plant, the company hopes to increase the number of export markets to around 50 countries from the current 35 countries. Ford India which sources the most number of localized parts, here itself might not be hit very hard due to rupee value depreciation. Adding to this, Ford’s new completed diesel engine manufacturing plant which was producing 250,000 units is up by 340,000 units per annum, which could cater the increasing number of diesel engine vehicles and hence reducing vehicle waiting periods.

Speaking to reporters, Ford India’s president and MD Michael Boneham said: “We expect the market environment to be difficult. I don’t forsee an upturn in the market till the festive season. We expect a 10 percent growth over next couple of months. The market is expected to pick during festive season.

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