Ford to launch its 2012 Endeavor by year end

We were expecting Ford to launch its new 2012 Endeavour by mid 2012, but Ford might launch this as a diwali gift. The 2012 Endeavour is a direct descendent of Ford’s Everest model, which is sold in many Asian markets. This new version will be battling out with Toyota’s Forturner. Ford has achieved significant changes with its new Everest version, the interiors are more rugged and practical, and the exteriors have undergone a massive change which will charm Indian customers. With Ford done with its expansion of its engine plant, and Thailand suppliers slowly recovering from the floods, Ford might bring this in by Diwali.

Ford Endeavour 2012 will have good diesel blocks in it, the existing 2.5 liter engine will be replaced by a smaller 2.2 liter producing 150 PS, 375 Nm and the 3 liter block will be replaced with a 3.2 liter block producing 200 PS, 480 Nm of torque. With Ford conforming its Eco Sport launch next year, this new Endeavour will be up next very shortly.

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