URB Bearings India opens business office in New Delhi

URB Group, the biggest Eastern European bearing manufacturer is present in India offering 60 years of experience and 18000 different types and versions of bearing. With two Dubai main agents GWB and SNK, and an extended distributors network in all big Indian Cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai) , URB Group comes with a complete range of bearings for all main industrial application, like: mining, stone crushers, steel industry, power plants, cement plants, paper industry, wind mills, automotive and railways.

URB Bearings Delhi Office inaguration

Mr. Florin Ene, Director URB Bearing India, Mr. Sanjay Shah, Distributor Dubai, Mr. Manish Vora, Distributor Dubai and Mr. Brijesh Mathur, Managing partner of B Mathur& Co., Consultant URB India addressed the Press Conference.

Mr. Florin Ene, Director URB Bearing India, said, “We are in India from the year 1982 and reached a turnover of $20 million. Now we are celebrating the opening of our new registered office, in New Delhi, the beating heart of forever ‘Incredible India’. India is one of the most promising, fast developing emergent economies in the world.”

He added, “With our vast expertize in all industrial sectors, we can help the development of this country, and we can create, with the helpful support of all Indian authorities, long term partnerships with our clients, more jobs, and cultural and economic bridges between Europe and India.”

Mr. Sanjay Shah, Distributor Dubai said, “Our goal is to create long term partnerships with actual users and OEMs, based on high quality, technical support, acceptable prices, and mutual advantage.”

Mr. Manish Vora, Distributor Dubai, said, “URB builds on its solid foundation of quality to enhance its ability to offer solutions that add value to customers, taking advantage of capabilities afforded by confirmed timely and planned shipment (SAP: System Analysis and Program Development) and further extending its technical expertise based on four core technologies”

Mr. Brijesh Mathur, Managing partner of B Mathur& Co. Company Secretaries being Consultant of URB India states that they were in India from 1982 but now finally they have started their first commercial establishment in India and we are glad to be part of URB India. Surely, URB with the support of Indian Government Authorities and citizens will be a part in creating job opportunities in India and also be a part of growth in the Indian Export Market.

URB Group is producing all bearings and components in house according to our technology and knowhow, and we are strongly fighting against duplication. Our target is that till 2023 to reach $1 billion turnover. In India their products are available beginning with 1982, and they are well known in all industrial sectors, reaching last year a $20 million business.

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