Nissan to keep an eye on Social Networking Sites

Nissan India is all about to look into social media, by forming a dedicated 30 member team in association with Hinduja Group Company Defiance Technologies. This move comes from Nissan as a project to strength up its current operations here in India, as many people do tune into Social networking sites for updates Nissan could not miss out on this, as key factors for the improvement of brand could be found easily here. This 30 member team from Defiance Technologies a wing of Hinduja Group would keep a watchful eye in the social media, they would interact in English and Japanese initially.

Nissan Logo

“With Internet and emerging technologies playing a key role in today’s marketplace, a social media centre will soon become indispensable for companies to speedily address customer’s stated and latent needs and for brands to manage their reputation,” said Dr Sumantran. Nissan who is all tapping their efforts are finding a way out to be a mainstream competitor to Maruti and Hyundai by  various new methods.

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