HMSI To Launch Improved Scooter Variants

Honda Motorcycle & Scooters India (HMSI) which is third largest manufacturer of two-wheelers in India has a robust share in the scooter segment in India. Honda has been constantly working to create a quality centric market in India not just for motorcycles but also for scooters. The company enjoys a wide range of customers in the country and has always delivered the latest technology at cost effective prices to the Indian bike buyers. If the total two-wheeler scooter market segment be taken into consideration HMSI has 45% share to its favor which is a considerable

HMSI Aviator image

figure given the fact that the market pattern has changed with more and more competition being unveiled.  Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India has ensured that they have various types of scooters launched in India. This shows their dedication towards developing this segment from its core levels. It also sheds light on the fact that the company understands the need of the Indian bike buyer.

The Aviator, Active and Dio are some brands that Honda Motorcycles and Scooters (HMSI) have so far launched in India. The Japanese automaker has made it clear that it doesn’t want success story of its scooter segment to end at an early stage. It now wants to improve the technology base of its scooters in India and has proposed to launch the generation next upgrades of the existing scooter models by the end of 2014 in India.

It is projected that the basic change to be brought by HMSI in the scooter models would basically include creating an all new platform, which would be used to ensure that drastic changes are initiated. The company also aims to create better dynamics which would increase the performance of these scooters to a huge extent.  The technological changes would deliver enhanced efficiency and provide great overall satisfaction for its users.

Honda Motorcycles and scooters India has also proposed to create a well equipped plant to counter the stiff competition given by other manufacturers. The scooters which the company plans to launch are expected to have far better power and fuel consumption which speaks volumes of its performance and credibility.  The move made by the company to upgrade the performance of its existing models basically shows that it want to ahead of its competitors such as Hero, Mahindra 2-wheelers, TVS etc. in the scooter segment in India.

There have been reports coming in that Honda Motorcycles and scooters India is working on the 125cc scooter which has been code named K24A. This vehicle is based on the aviator platform and is set to hit the Indian market by 2013 and is set to give a great competition to Suzuki Access and Mahindra Rodeo.

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