Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) mandatory for Indian cars

Government of India has set it’s eyes on mandating RFID tags for Indian cars as a measure to help improve toll collection, implementation of economic road pricing in congested areas. World over, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)  and smart cards technologies are being used for transit applications to provide increased convenience to the end users. In India, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and NHAI have decided to use RFID technology for toll collection on the entire National Highways network. India has huge road network, consisting of National Highways (70,934 kms) and State Highways (1,31,899 km). RFID technology will enable toll collection without the vehicle stopping, ensuring seamless travel and efficient toll collection.

Radio Frequency Identification ignition systemThe Radio Frequency Identification tags will be positioned on the cars’ windshields but it is still not decided as to when the rule would come in practice. However, with such RFID tags in place, it will be possible for government to easily keep records of more than 9,98,06,214 vehicles at a time. The details will include vehicle details, insurance data and driver’s license details.

Similarly Smart cards, Biometrics and RFID technologies are now penetrating in variety of socio-economic applications as well. Some of the on-going projects the use these technologies promoted by Government of India are National ID, driving and Vehicle registratione, e-Passports, public distribution system, Financial inclusion, health insurance for BPL and Unique Identification Number.

Implying Radio Frequency Identification in India and using it to it’s full potential can however take some time owing to the number of cars currently plying on roads. This will also need a similar inheritance of technology by our infrastructure. Not just the highways, but the intra-city toll booths and parking places should also get into the nick of things and try to move accordingly in order to use the technology to it’s fullest.

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