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A question often put forth by enthusiastic youngsters is, how do I get started in racing? To be honest I was fortunate enough to get the guidance I needed from a very young age. The city you live in also plays a major part in how you develop as a racer. Chennai and Coimbatore are usually considered the racing hubs of Indian Motorsport. However the Buddh International Circuit may change this trend. Coming back to the point of basics, it is vital that one receives proper guidance or you might find yourself spending a lot of time unlearning the bad habits you’ve picked up rather than developing your skill set.

Team Indian Karting

Team Indian Karting

The past few years have seen a real boom in the number of racers Bangalore has produced. Admittedly being a Bangalorean myself I am a little biased! At the center for all of this is an organization called Indian Karting, who run regular kart training programs. They have three distinct levels of training each more challenging than the previous. The three levels are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Their courses run two days (Saturdays and Sundays) and are very comprehensive. Exercises include braking, slaloms (for kart control) and also basic racing lines for the beginner level. The intermediate program meanwhile comprises of advanced techniques such as trail braking (late braking) and also a deeper analyses into the components of the kart. The advanced training is for dedicated karters hoping to run the National Rotax Max Championship and training is conducted on more powerful karts.

The organization was founded by Anish Ratnam in 2009 and was formalized in 2010. Anish was soon joined by Devashish Ravindranath and they have since trained numerous youngsters (including myself).  Over the past year the team has expanded to include, Ali Yawar Hayat (an EMR driver), Sumanth Venkatesh (who is looking to make a full debut in the 2013 Rotax Max Senior Category), Ricky Donison (who will be making his debut in next year’s Rotax Max junior category) and myself. Indian Karting is now looking to enter the Rotax Max National Championship as a team and are hopeful of a debut in 2013.

Having undergone the intermediate training this April, I am writing from firsthand experience about both the team and the training itself. The core element of the training program is their stress on consistency. Be it racing lines, brake points, turn in points or overall lap time, CONSISTENCY is key. There is also a lot of emphasis placed on the psychological aspects of racing, which is crucial to the development of any racing driver. Finally in both the intermediate and advanced programs, various forms of kart set-up  are discussed extensively. Understanding your machine goes a long way in achieving fast lap times, though without a firm grounding in he basics, understanding the theory alone may prove a little redundant.

There are others who provide training on Go-Karts. Both Meco Motorsports and Rayo Racing have dedicated teams that run numerous drivers in the National Karting Championship. Though to become a member of either of those teams you need some level of experience. If you’re looking at testing the waters of racing however Indian Karting would be the ideal place to start.

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