Mahindra Fightback app introduced for Free Rape Alarm

After the unfortunate death of the extremely brutal gang-rape of a 23 year-old woman recently in Delhi, Mahindra has divulged a new smartphone app, FightBack to track each user’s location. The application has been designed to enhance the safety of women in India

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Mahindra FightBack App, helps locate the user’s location, when the user encounters danger she can press a panic button on the phone which then sends alert signals within a couple of seconds, broadcasting her location. When purchasing the application, users can offer their mobile phone number and email address of five contacts that they chose to be a safe bet to receive these alerts. The application can be introduced on Facebook and the alert will appear on the timeline page. The FightBack website includes live alerts for public viewing- which traces the time and place where the alert was raised, the victim remains unnamed. When the beyondbrics app was introduced there were 10 live alerts across India.

This service was first introduced to the public in December 2011 at Rs 100 for one year’s subscription; the Tech Mahindra employees had free access to the app to help women feel safer after late night shifts. After the heinous incident in Delhi on December 16th, the company decided to introduce a free application throughout India, which has been widely appreciated in social networking sites.

Tech Mahindra has not yet revealed information about the cost, though the service is pretty expensive. The expenditure includes cost of texting, and emails. There is a 24 hour operations team, a tech team working on the application and data sector costs.

The company has been trying to engage the Delhi Police with the discussions on the application. If the discussion expands, the users can send an alert to the police when they press the panic button. The closest police station or patrol vehicle can be traced using location information.

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