Fiat Punto SUV – Mini SUV’s Knockout

A real knockout this time by Fiat. We justify the statement by letting you know the fact that Fiat has decided to knockout other brands. The news in the starting of the year is this that Fiat is bringing a line of cars which can hopefully beat other vehicles in different segment.  The real big names are Jeep, Abarth, and Mopar. Apart from this we got sourced information that now Fiat doesn’t want to keep any pit holes. The road to India should be safer and smoother. For this an action plan has been designed by carmaker.

Fiat Punto Adventure

Fiat Punto SUV will be a mini SUV and beat the Mahindra Quanto and Renault Duster. This mini SUV would be based on Punto Adventure. Earlier it was prediction that Fiat would make a base of their mini SUV from its Fiat 500 or 500x family. Anyhow decision has been changed by Fiat that he would not be bringing Fiat 500x to India. There is a big financial reason attached for not bringing Fiat 500x to India. Fiat 500x is the car designed with extra ordinary engineering to meet European needs. If Fiat brings all this technology to India then he has to invest very huge amount to set up infrastructure. Importing car parts and finding local product manufacturers would not be reasonable for Fiat’.

2013 fiat punto supersport abarth

If we talk about Punto then it would be easily managed from every aspect because the car is being manufactured here in India. A modified version of the car would be very easy to manage and sale. The mini SUV would not cost much to company. Wow! A smart move. Fiat would base the car on the modified Punto platform as well as the modified Punto body .The car would be bigger in size.

2013 Mopar Dart

Fiat was able to win the consumer’s confidence with its Multijet Diesel engine and powerful cars. The mini SUV would use the same 1.4-litre petrol engine and the 1.3-litre diesel engine which is powering the Punto Linea. A higher seating arrangement is also done to help driving. There would be other brands which are preparing for the battle such as Maruti who is designing the XA Alpha for more comfort. Mahindra and Volkswagen have some plans for battle. Ford’s EcoSport will arrive in the next few months. A real knockout!

Source: Cardekho via Motorbeam

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