Ford has another winner with the 2013 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus, especially the ST version, has always been known as a hot hatch and a strong competitor in a market composed of other hot, fun little cars. However, in recent years the Focus was losing ground as many found the car to be dull and uninspired, in a car category that has traditionally been filled with innovation and fun.

2013 Ford FocusST

Ford has paid attention to criticism and recently has unveiled the 2013 Ford Focus. One of the aspects the company focused on was the design of the car, and overhauling it completely. As a result the new Focus has an aggressive and sporty front with a well shaped back. The car is available as either a four-door sedan or five-door hatchback, and both designs appear sleek, aggressive and sporty, much more so than their competitors. The Titanium trim is recommended, as it showcases the looks of the car and highlights various trimmings beautifully.

The interior has also had a massive revamp with focus on soft-touch materials and user friendly ergonomics. The build quality and craftsmanship has also shown significant improvement over the outgoing Focus model. The car comes with many optional extras including WiFi, text-to-voice, high-definition radio as part of the MyFord Touch system. The car can also be equipped with voice-activated navigation, parking assist and rear view-camera. One minor quirk is that the dashboard extends far into the passenger’s space, and leggy people may find their knees in danger.

2013 Ford Focus Red

The Ford Focus has always been known has a hot hatchback, and the new model is no exception. The 2-litre 4 cylinder engine produces 160hp and can do 0-100km/h in 7.6 seconds. The car is available either as a five speed manual or six speed PowerShift automatic. The manual drives superbly, while the automatic has been reported to feel a bit sluggish when changing gears, so give it a test drive before committing to the automatic version. The manual engine offers 9.05 L/100km when doing city driving or 6.53 L/100km on the highway, making it remarkably efficient for a performance vehicle.

Despite issues with the automatic, the performance of the Focus is excellent, especially for a car that claims to be economical. The car was developed in Germany, making the ride and handling of the car exceptional. The ride is firms, solid, with sharp turning and quick cornering, and the thought and care that went into the car design shows through clearly.

Of course, the best thing to do is to take a test drive yourself. There are many websites and dealers out there, such as that you can contact to book a test drive of the new Ford Focus today.

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