New Honda CRV launched in India with robust features

Honda Cars India, the esteemed subsidiary of Japanese owned Honda, has introduced the stunning CR-V in the Sports Utility Vehicle segment. The auto major has introduced two powerful petrol engines in the new model of 2 litre and 2.4 litre with a price range of Rs. 19.9 lakh and Rs. 23.8 lakh. To cater to the rapid demands of car fans, the company has also introduced the automatic transmission variant in 2 litre engine model at a price of Rs. 20.8 lakh.

2013 Honda CRV Front

Speaking on the launch, Hironori Kanayama, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Honda India, ‘’We are stepping into a new era with the new CR-V. Honda and associates have been toiling over the past few years to develop new products. Some of the new models will enter Indian market in a few years. We are aiming at introducing new models from Honda’s global undertakings.’’

The new Honda CRV is undergoing production at the reputed factory in Greater Noida, that has also sorted out the attractive pricing. Earlier the CR-V was launched in India in 2003 and was a stunner, but did not appeal to the Japanese headquartered firm in India.

The 2 litre manual transmission variant of CR-V was launched at a price  of Rs. 22.6 lakh and the price in the recent model was reduced by Rs. 2.5 lakh. Similar scenario was observed in the automatic version with a price reduction of Rs. 2.5 lakh compared to the original that was offered at Rs. 24.9 lakhs.

On the launch of the diesel variant on Indian soil due to the rapid hike in petrol prices, Jnaneswar Sen, Senior Vice President of Honda India stated, ‘’The introduction of diesel variant, will not affect the continuity of petrol models, ‘’ the Amaze sedan is chalked out as per schedule and there is going to rapid demands for diesel cars.


The Amaze sedan is scheduled to enter Indian soil on April this year in the entry level sedan category.

The Honda CR-V has been one of Honda’s prosperous cars with its supreme engine efficiency and features. This car has been in the best-seller category since its launch in 2007, and the company has managed to gather 3,115 units.

The New Honda CRV is inserted with enriched refreshing, but with a shorter overall dimension compared to the original, the cabin length is 225mm, lengthier than the original. The interior offers more room, with ample legroom at the rear to enjoy a long pleasurable drive, and you can just stretch your legs when tired. For those who yearn to venture on a long holiday with weighty luggage, you can opt for the CR-V with its abundant boot space at 589 litres. The cabin is tailored with supreme metal polish, although the car appears to have boring plastic appeal in few areas, the black instrument panel sports a classy appeal and the car delivers a breathtaking modern logo with the screen arrangements on the dash board.

The Honda CR-V has thus undergone modifications to provide a rich and roomier atmosphere along with its efficient engine capacity. The new CR-V would be a worthy buy for the quality features.

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