Shell Retail Launches Shell Fuel Economy Refresh campaign to ensure better fuel efficiency

Shell, the leading fuel company in the world has announced the unique Shell Fuel Economy Refresh campaign on 9th May, 2013. Shell is commitment to fuel economy and this unique campaign is a result of the company’s endeavor to achieve the same. Through the Fuel Economy Refresh campaign, Shell Retail India wishes to focus on the importance of saving fuel and help the Indian drivers to reap the benefits of fuel economy by embracing the ways to save fuel as a part of daily life.

Shell Petrol PumpThis campaign is also the reinforcement of the commitment of Shell Fuel Economy Formula, which is a great innovation in fuel technology that assures the drivers with better mileage. In India, Shell presents the Shell Super petrol and diesel variants of the normal main grade fuel, which through its advanced quality ensures higher fuel efficiency.

The Director & General Manager of Shell Retail India, Ravi Sundararajan said that Shell, with its over 100 years of experience in initiating fuel economy is now taking an extra step in demonstrating the drivers the superiority of Shell fuels, which along with few easy to adopt driving habits that can achieve greater fuel efficiency. This entire demonstration is called the Shell Fuel Economy Refresh.

The cleaning agents present in the Shell Fuel Economy Formula helps to avoid the harmful deposit build-up that affects the engine’s performance over the time. Friction along with deposit build-up slowly wears down the engine. As a result, over the passage of time the engine performance decreases causing reduced drivability, more exhaust emissions and increased fuel consumption. The Fuel Economy Formula enriched Shell fuels thus help to protect the engine of your car and ensure better performance and greater mileage.
Shell Retail in order to propagate the Shell Fuel Economy Refresh campaign, has started a comprehensive consumer awareness and engagement initiative in all Shell fuel stations. Shell is also carrying out the campaign through radio broadcasts and outdoor media to reach out to the car owners and educate them about the advantages of Shell Fuel Economy range.  Moreover, the company is also initiating a comprehensive orientation program for the Shell retailers, in order to educate the retailers about the Fuel Economy philosophy that will help them to inform and guide the customers about a more efficient fuel choice.

The various aspects of the Shell Fuel Economy Refresh campaign are to make the Indian motorists more responsible to save fuel and adopt the ways that will economically benefit them apart from deriving better performance from their vehicles.

Shell Fuel Economy Formula is a result of Shell’s rigorous R&D innovation over almost a century. Shell’s scientists have been able to reach some very significant milestones as a result of decades’ of dedicated research on fuel efficiency.

Shell Super fuels ensure engine cleanliness and thus better engine efficiency. This superior Global fuel is available in India across all Shell Retail stores.

The Shell Fuel Economy Refresh initiative will be carried out in Bangalore, Mysore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot and Surat.

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