Jaguar Land Rover Hit a New Record with its Half-year Sales

UK’s top automobile manufacturer of premium luxury vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover has registered yet another record in his half-year car sales for the year 2013. Compared to its car sales in the year 2012, the UK-based car-maker has confirmed a staggering 14% rise in its car sales by the end of June 2013. The increased sales in the month of June have hugely contributed to this new feast. The Jaguar has also reported that its sales have gone up by 7% across the global markets.

Jaguar F-Type front

The luxury car-maker’s retail sales by the half- year’s end have gone up by 29 percent. In China, sales of Jaguar cars have surged by almost 8,000 units. This is indeed a good news for Jaguar Land Rover as it had sold 8,000 units in the whole of 2012, which it has now achieved by half year’s end. In the month of June itself, close to 1,000 units of the F-Type sports car were sold. The car-maker has also received a tremendous response in the United States. US sales have boomed by almost 59 percent. This is the best sales performance the car-maker has witnessed, since the year 2006.

Jaguar Land Rover added that the sales of XF Sportbrake and the XF went up owing to the high-end power trains as well as the new all-wheel drive. The favorable results that the car-maker has received can be greatly owed to the strong demand of the Jaguar F-Type as well as the all-new Range Rover

Jaguar Land Rover’s June year-to-date sales have gone up in its every major market. In the Asia Pacific region, the jump was as high as 26 percent while the overseas market saw a growth of 18 percent. China as well UK registered a 16 percent growth in the car sales. The rest of Europe as well as North America also showed positive sales performance with 6 percent and 13 percent increase in sales, respectively.

The operations director of Jaguar Land Rover, Phil Popham commented, “It is very promising to see that both Land Rover and Jaguar brands are delivering very strong sales performances across all the 178 car markets. The newly launched models have been amazingly been received along with  the all-new Range Rover trading over  22,000 units after its launch.”

Popham further stated that the F-Type received a euphoric response from the various sections of the media. The F-Type global launch certainly lived up to the hype, according to him. He further added that the car received a good start in terms of sales. It was especially popular among new buyers. He announced that the F-Type will be launched for sale in China this month.

In the first half of the year 2013, the car-maker sold 37,636 cars. Out of these, XF sales stand at 24,099 units while that of F-Type are 3,000 units. This clearly demonstrates the positive response the 2.0.4 and the 3.0 V6 petrol engines have generated, translating into increased sales. Not just the enhanced engines, the Sportbrake derivatives as well as the AWD are two contributing factors for the boost in Jaguar’s sales.

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