Datsun Go hatchback to be priced under 4 Lakhs

The recently released budgeted range of cars from Nissan Datsun has been unveiled with a new hatchback in New Delhi. The new coupe was sold under the name of K2 till now but, now it has been renamed as Datsun Go and will be released in 2014. The car has been designed at the Renault- Nissan’s technical plant of Chennai.

Datsun Go front three quarter

The Datsun Go has been launched in competition with the new Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R, Hyundai i10 1.1 and A-star in the car market of India. Rumours predict that Go will be a 7-seater vehicle and a new addition in the MPV segment. Chances are that the new Datsun Go will be first released in Russia, Indonesia and South Africa.

As per the comments by Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Renault-Nissan, the Datsun is meant to help many people to make their dream of being a car owner come true. Positioned just below the newly released Nissan Micra Active, the car has been designed on the basic platform of Nissan cars. However, you cannot classify the car as a cut-price venture or a stripped out variant of the Nissan range of vehicles. The car is very well-designed and looks like a contemporary hatchback.

The interiors of the new coupe from Nissan haven’t yet been unveiled, but as per sources the interiors of the car are in prototyping stage. The dashboard of the car is somewhat similar to that of the Micra. However, the final designing of the interiors has not been made public till now.

datsun go dashboard

The front seats feature fixed headrest. The front passenger seat can expand till the driver seat and form a bench like seating. You can easily squeeze in around 3 people in the front row.

Discussing the power and engine of the vehicle, Go features a 1.2l engine which shows similar performance results at par with the most of its rivals. While the spec sheet of the engine of the car hasn’t been released, the car will have a fuel efficient engine with outright performance.

The launch of Datsun in India can be a major hit according to the potential of the market for small cars in India. Nissan further plans to launch around 51 new variant till 2016 internationally. It will also focus on the expansion of its production capacity in the country either by setting up new plants or accentuating its existing plant in Chennai.

Datsun Go Pictures:

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