Vintage Car Collection Show by Taj Hotels in Udaipur

The stunning event organized by the Taj group India, ‘City Palace Collection of Vintage and Classic Cars’ at the authentic and the beautiful palace of Udaipur, Rajasthan was successfully concluded. The event showcased the classic and vintage cars of the various Maharajas of Mewar till date. The collection is ravishing with some of the cars as old as seventy years. Twenty cars were exhibited during the event, all belonging to the last three maharajas of Mewar (Udaipur), who were all zealous car fanatics. It also included four royal Rolls Royce which became the center of attraction for the event.

Vintage Car Collection Show by Taj Hotels in Udaipur

First in the list was the Rolls Royce 20H.P. of 1924, which has been awarded the title of ‘Best of Class Category, Vintage Classic in the Cartier Travel with Style Concours’ back in November 2008. This was followed by another Rolls Royce, which is the 20-25H.P of 1934. The car was originally bought as a limousine, but was later transformed into a pick-up car by the renowned Maharana Bhagawat Singhfor transporting the cricket team to and fro the grounds.

Another Rolls Royce on the display was again a 20-25H.P. of 1930/31 period, which was converted into Shooting brake from a Tourer by the same Maharana Bhagawat Singh. These Rolls Royces have lived through an alluring history being used as shooting and bussing vehicles for cricketers. The last Rolls Royce is the Phantom II of 1934 that belonged to Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, who was the 76th custodian of the state.  The phantom is probably one of the most admirable of the cars which were kept on display.

The pair of two gigantic Cadillacs also made to the collection although still being used on special occasions. The one of the two Cadillacs was for the Maharaja and is a four door convertible while the other one with curtains at the rear windows was for Maharani’s travel. The majestic cars are donned with family crest on the rear doors further enhancing the grace of the cars.

The hot red MG-TC convertible of 1946 is a darling for the sports cars lovers for its speed as well as looks. Others in the display like the Vauxhall-12, 1946 Buick, Traveler Morris – Minor 1000 of 1959 and the Ford-A Convertible of 1930 are extraordinarily charismatic cars in its own way. These cars are an enchanting reminder of the golden period of motoring in India.

The General Manager of Taj Lake Palace, Shyam Kaikini, spoke to the reporters on the occasion. He expressed their pleasure in introducing the Vintage and Classic car collection to the Asian audience. He said that these cars are a part of the history of the leading Rajputana state of Udaipur of the old times. These could be of particular interests of the car enthusiasts with the growing trend of vintage cars in the last few years.

The collection is kept in a semi circular garage which was once the Mewar State Motor Garage meant to house the royal vehicles.

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