Automotive Forum 2013 on 13th by Autocar Professionals

The third edition of ‘Automotive Forum 2013’ is being conducted today on 13th August, 2013 by the B2B Automotive magazine ‘Autocar Professional’. The forum is taking place in Chennai and is based on the theme of ‘Evolution of Electric Mobility’.

mahindra e20 red front

The history of electric cars has been as old as the conventional fuel based cars, but the fact is not known to many people. The challenges faced by the electricity run vehicles and the growing development of the consumption engines led to the popularity of fuel engines while the electric vehicles took a back seat. However, with the growing environmental awareness and concern among the people, the grounds of the electricity run vehicles have again caught up attention of the human conscience.

The electric vehicle serves best in accordance with the environmental conservation, ceding the depletion of fossil fuels and the uptight emission norms, and thus is the most viable option available to the people. Therefore, the EV industry is at the booming state right now, ready to enter the mainstream any time. However, there are multiple questions that need to be answered and evaluated in order to know the future of the EV industry.

Is the electric vehicle is actually a sustainable and practical mobility solution? How would the Indian markets receive it? And many more questions. Thus, the forum is organized to discuss all these questions, get the opinion of the industry experts and try to get answers to these questions.

The speakers of the forum include the Product Planning Head of Nissan Motor India, Mr Chikuya Takada, Mr Kartik Gopal, the General Manager of the Mobility Solutions and Business Development of Mahindra Reva and Mohit Arora, the Executive Director of JD Power Asia Pacific. The other three speakers are Mr Suvojoy Sengupta who is the Managing Director of Booz and Company India, Mr S. Thalavai Venkatesan, Head of R&D of Business Unit Engine Systems India and System Projects, Continental India and Vikram Gulati, the Director of National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project.

The forum discussion is taken place at Taj Coromandel of Chennai from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM.

The organizer of the event, Autocar Professional is a leading B2B automotive magazine which is published fortnightly. The magazine is a valuable read for the industry professionals, which cover the latest news and other facets of the automobile industry. It serves as a one-stop information store for the automobile industry enthusiasts. The magazine covers in-depth news, comprehensive analysis, reviews, industry stature and exciting interviews.

The magazine readership is distributed among the top-notch professionals from the industry, including the CEOs, Presidents and Managing Directors of various automobile companies. The magazine – Autocar Professionals has an online extension at The magazine has conducted the Automotive Forum Seminars under a series and this has been the third edition of the series. Apart from this, the brand extension of Autocar Professionals also includes an Autocar Professional Directory and the Vehicle Manufacturing Capacity Guide.



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