JK Tyre Road Safety Campaign in 32 Cities

In its efforts to serve the masses and help them understand the importance of a tyre in an automobile, JK Tyre is conducting a ‘Safety Drive’ Campaign in the country. The campaign runs for five days which starts from 16, August, 2013. This is the 13th year the campaign is being conducted and will be covering 32 cities in India. It is essential for a driver to have a knowledge about the condition of the tyre of his or her vehicle and even more so in the monsoon season. This is because the tyre is the only part of the vehicle that touches the road directly. Therefore, being a responsible tyre making company, JK Tyre has committed itself to multiple initiatives to put the road safety awareness among people in the forefront.

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JK Tyre has partnered with the Indian Oil Corporation for this specific Safety Drive in order to educate its customers about road safety. The safety drive activities will be taking place at 190 highly crowded petrol pumps in about 32 cities across India. The company expects to reach an approximate audience of over 2 lakh people during the drive. The company has employed some 1000 trained professional for the purpose of checking the tyres for its basic health including wear and tear, cuts or other damage, rim condition etc. These professional will give an appropriate advice to the automobile owners regarding their tyre condition.

Mr Vikram Malhotra, the Vice President of Marketing and Sales of JK Tyres & Industries Limited commented on the occasion. He said that they are aiming to reach as many customers as possible and help them understand the significant part that the tyre of their vehicle plays in the safety, performance and smooth functioning of their automobile. The necessary steps for keeping the tyres safe are usually ignored by many people. Thus the company believes that spreading the awareness about this critical aspect will definitely decrease the risk of failure of the tyre and encourage them to maintain the types in better condition. The vehicle speed usually increases on expressways and highways and thus with this in mind, JK Tyres aims to continue its activity in spreading awareness about the maintenance and care of the tyres to ensure safety.

JK Tyre and Industries Limited is one of the companies belonging to the JK Organisation and a leading tyre manufacturer of four-wheeler vehicles in India. The company is also the 19th biggest manufacturer in the world that caters to the needs of various different business segments with its products in the four-wheeler automobile industry. JK Tyre has a worldwide presence in around 90 countries spread across six continents. The company presently holds eight manufacturing plants in India and Mexico with another facility – the Greenfield Project soon to be established in Chennai. Thus, the total production capacity of the company with its 9 plants will be close to 20 million tyres in a year. The company is planning to enhance its TBR and the passenger car radial capacity in order to meet the ever increasing demand pertaining to JK products.

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