Audi Q3 S Edition launched in India

Audi has launched its latest Audi Q3 S (Sports) car in India and has priced the vehicle at an attractive cost of Rs 24.99 lakhs, out of the showroom in New Delhi, India. This has indeed made the vehicle one of the best priced and affordable sports vehicles in India. It has been said that to arrive at this attractive and aggressive price point, the company has compromised on its Quattro four wheel system – an award winning platform to power its front wheels. This sports car from Audi indeed uses a detuned version of the 2-litre diesel engine that produced power up to 140 Bhp and a torque of 320 Nm at an Rpm between 1750-2500.

Audi Q3 S Edition Launched

It has amazed car enthusiasts to be the first luxury car that uses and 6-speed manual transmission system in this decade. It is worth noting here that that in the last decade the only automobile provider to offer the 6 speed gearbox system was Mercedes Benz.

Key features of the car

The Audi Q3 S features an ARAI certified fuel efficiency of 17.32km/l and has become the much sought out car amidst sports car geeks in India. Online registration and booking of the wagon is now open and users could easily book their Audi through ‘’ web portal. It has been said that the first ten bookings would get entitled to a special off road style package with the car.

For these bookings, deliveries would start from the end of the month. The car has been enhanced with a self-controlled driving spear to amuse young drivers who would love to explore the thrill of self-driving through a manual gearbox transmission system. The weight of the car is just 1520 kgs and the lack of Quattro saves a weight of about 140 kilograms.

Audi has also made other improvisations with the vehicle, such as removal of daytime running lights and headlights powered by Xenon and have replaced them with halogens. Other controls and equipment’s such as rear parking aid, ESP, ABS, cruise control, electromechanical parking, 6 airbags, hill start assist, driver infotainments, driver seat adjustable by power have remained to be the best key features of the Q3 sports car.

Competition for Audi in the market

Mercedes Benz has remained to be the toughest competitor for Audi in the previous month, which has indeed made the automaker sit up and realize the competition. Audi is also determined to release its new model sports car ever 4-6 weeks in India. It is worth noting that this Audi Q3 S is cheaper compared with A-class Benz car and is sold at an ex-showroom cost of Rs. 24.61 lakhs in Mumbai.

It has been said by the spokespersons of the company that this Q3 S edition from Audi would ward off competition from Benz B class and BMW 1 series as well. Press notes also reveal that Audi has received at least 125 bookings for the car on the day of its launch and Audi has proposed to open seven more showrooms in India to enhance its dealership outlets to 34 in total.

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