Knee injury ruined Rok Bagoros plans at the KTM Fest

The KTM Fest in the Red Bull Ring on Saturday brought unpleasant news to thousands of Rok Bagoros fans. The event led to the spiteful injury of the stunt rider Rok Bagoros that will prompt him unplanned bed rest. The incident happened when the stunt rider was landed from a front flippant over his handlebar, and fell on his knee. Though his knee got severely hurt, but the rider continued with his performance till he completed it like a true Rockstar for his aficionados. During the intermission, it was very much visible, that the injury was something more serious than just a twisted knee injury as Rok thought initially. His knee was completely swollen and the pain was absolutely unbearable. The rider was seen in chronic unbearable knee pain.

Knee injury ruined Rok Bagoros plans

After being examined by the specialists and with the MRI prints, it has been investigated that the stunt rider has torn his side and cross ligaments, however, nothing has been confirmed till now. The doctors and specialists will give a 100% statement only after conducting additional medical injuries in the next week.

Rok Bogoros seems to be very upset and disappointed with this injury as it occurred at the worst time when it is the peak of his stunt riding season and in the midway of shooting his new video. But, he plans to cope up with his injury and deal with bad news. He speaks about his last performances and comments that he was at the top of his stunt forms for the last few weeks and was thinking of some adventurously new trick to display. It was a time when his mind and body were in the plug in mode and suddenly someone has plugged it out and left him motionless.

But without losing his morale, he further said that he will do his best to get ready and fit for the KTM Duke event either with or without a surgery. The rider doesn’t seem to be at peace after this incident and he wants to just work his way out to get back to his daily schedule as soon as possible. He doesn’t want to lie down and rest. He also went to the gym to get back to his regime. He finds it frustrating and very hard to cope with the fact that he is not able to ride his bike.

Though, he remains positive even after such a disastrous accident and desires to fully focus to ride his bike as soon as possible and get back to his form again.

This has come out as a very depressing news and shock to Rok Bagoros fans. The fanatics whole heartedly pray for the quick recovery of the rider and wish that they could see him performing like before. Check out the incident pictures of Rok Bagoros to see the intense pain faced by the rider during the event.

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