Clean Motion Zbee Three-Wheeler EV can come to India

The Sweden-based Electric Vehicles producer, Clean Motion has recently launched a brand new electric three wheeler, Clean Motion Zbee, in the emerging Indonesian market. With the launch of the electric Zbee, Clean Motion is intending to substitute the Bajaj three-wheelers that ply the city roads for short errands in Indonesia. It is expected that Clean Motion can be launching the Zbee three-wheelers in the Indian market very soon. One reason why Clean Motion might seriously contemplate introducing the Zbee in India is that the emission guidelines here are becoming more stringent day by day. The day is not far when there would be no black-smoke emitting three-wheeler auto vehicle on the Indian roads.

Clean Motion Zbee electric three wheeler

The Zbee sports a simple yet contemporary design and styling. The interiors of the Zbee are well-designed with different elements that save a lot of space. The seats are quite spacious as three people can comfortably travel without any space crunch. The Zbee also features a luggage section which is well protected. Not compromising on the safety features, the Zbee is designed with FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) substance. The FRP material is safe and light in weight.

The Clean Motion Zbee  also features three point safety straps available for all occupants. A 4 k W electric engine powers this electric three-wheeler.  The Zbee has a driving range of around 50 kms when fully charged and attains a top speed of 45 km/hr. The Clean Motion Zbee is quite eco-friendly and can be fully charged in less than an hour’s time. Owing to its limited driving range, the Zbee is strictly designed for urban errands and not long-distance routes. Express chargers can be used to charge the Zbee within few minutes.

For every 100 kms of distance covered, the three wheeler will consume 4 Kwh units of electricity. The Zbee’s weight is around 230 kgs. Clean Motion recently exhibited the electric vehicle at the Ritech Technology Expo-18 which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The production of Zbee will start in mid-September and will be approximately priced at 80 million Indonesian rupiah, equaling Rs. 4.85 lakhs INR.

While designing the Zbee, Clean Motion has paid special attention to the weight of this three-wheeler, since it is a significant aspect to decrease the dangerous emissions from cars. The Zbee meets the environment-safety standards, since it effectively combines the H100 and Divinycell Matrix 11-9 for attaining optimal weight as per the mechanical specifications.

Owing to its low emissions and stylish design, the Zbee is expected to be quite a success and contribute positively to the environment. The Zbee can be accelerated and maneuvered in quick time. One parking space can easily accommodate at least three of these electric vehicles. There are no emissions and it operates without creating a lot of noise.

Offering a driving range of nearly 70 km with a one-time charge and requiring one or maximum two battery packs, the Zbee is low maintenance and costs the driver hardly any amount for every kilometer driven on city roads. On an average, the Zbee three-wheeler consumes only 7% of the total energy that a standard vehicle consumes.

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