Monsoon Tips from Michelin to be safe during rains

The arrival of monsoon brings happiness and relaxation from the scorching heat of the summers. The amazing sound of the falling rain on your windowpane is wonderful and you wouldn’t mind going out with your family for a long drive in this terrific season. However, you may get stuck in heavy traffic jams, experiencing stressful weather conditions. The situation worsens in the months of July to September as they are the key rainy season in India. In total, there are particularly three reasons that upsurge the jeopardy of vehicular accidents in the rainy season: reduced visibility, decreased traction and the behavior of the other motorist while driving.

Monsoon tips from Michelin

While you cannot handle the reckless behavior of other drivers, here is the Monsoon Tips from Michelin to help you stay secure while commuting in the rain. The very thing is to always check your vehicle before travelling. Walk around your vehicle, take a look at everything, and check the leakage of the fluids, loose wiring or busted lights. Check the pressure of the tyres and wheel alignment. Never be in the rush to jump on the driver seat and hurry. Address every problem of the car before leaving your parking area.

Always remember to clean the windshield. Wash your windows from time to time, remove the stains and dust. Buy a windshield water repellent as it will give you a better vision in the rains. Clear vision helps in safe travelling. Be extremely careful while it rains. The condition of the road may not be clearly visible to you in heavy rains. Hence, one should drive slowly, so that you can react better to the bad road conditions and the action of other motorists on the road.

Decide from beforehand, when you need to stop. Wet brakes are bothersome because they malfunction, even if you step on it. So, step on the brakes even while you are a little away from it, and then gradually increase the pressure to make a complete stop. If you enter in a puddle, press brakes continuously, to dry the rotors. This will prevent your vehicle from skidding or going out of control.

Always ensure that you see the tail light of the car which is in front of you. Always remember to maintain a distance from the car in front of you so that you may react accordingly as per its behaviour. Always remember to switch on your headlight when it rains, if you still cannot see the road, switch on the hazard light. Always honk your horn while you pass another vehicle. Flood, water splashes and mud will lead to rust in your car and obstruct the performance of your car. Always keep your car rust free and spray rust-protection chemical on the rust prone places. This keeps your car safe in the long run.

Always opt for right tyres. There are few tyres that are particularly designed for rainy season. Use of these tyres during the rainy season helps you to avoid slipping, and gives you a good traction on the slippery roads. Look for those tyres that provide a better grip, long life and enhanced safety. Check out the range of Michelin Tyre online to get tough, long lasting and strong tyres.

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