Suzuki every Electric Vehicle makes world record of 1,300 km on a Single-Charge

The current world automotive users are upgrading themselves on hybrid cars or electric vehicles from the conventional fossil fuel vehicles. This is indeed a very good sign for the hybrid car and electric vehicle makers, who have more orders now so the cost of production is expected to go down and so, would be the overall price of these vehicles. A lot of companies have been busy in doing research on how to make these kinds of vehicles more range-efficient so to save on the hassle of charging the vehicle multiple times in a day. Suzuki has set a world record with its ‘Every Electric Vehicle’ with the highest range of 1,300 Km on a single charge.

 Suzuki Every Electric Vehicle

Recently a Japanese team that consisted of four crew members, which also included Kenjiro Shinozuka who is the winner of Dakar Rally 1997; drove Suzuki Every Electric Vehicle for a distance of 1,300 km on just a single charge. There was a little modification done on this particular Every in order to make the world record, but it did fairly well on the streets of Ogata, which is a village in the Japanese island country. The maximum speed that this electric vehicle clocked was 30 km per hour while it made the record. Earlier this record of longest range of an electric vehicle on a single charge was 1,000 km.

Suzuki distributed only 12 Every Electric Vehicle to its dealers in Japan during the summer of the year 2011. The official information about the average mile per single charge was collected based on the performance of these 12 Every Electric Vehicles, which was only up to a mere 62 miles with a carrying load of around 500 pounds.

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