Ford Mustang coming to India

Ford has given us a lot of great cars. The American manufacturer has a rep for making models that refuse to die. The mighty Mustang is one such model. It came into existence in the 60s and has been a great success. There are a lot of muscle cars that the Americans gave this world but none of them matched the Mustang. The previous generation mustang was really pretty but now they have unveiled another Mustang. This is the sixth generation of Ford Mustang.

2015 Ford Mustang

The new mustang looks quite different from the fifth generation. It has got some curves and creases that make it look modern. But it hasn’t lost its evil muscle car character in all this transformation. It still looks like a muscle car, just a bit modern. It borrows some styling cues from the original Mustang. This model is claimed to be a fresh start as they have hardly retained anything from the previous model. The live axle has been replaced in favour of independent rear suspension. It rides on 19 inch wheels.

There are multiple engine options as well. One can choose from a four, six or eight cylinder variant. Even though it sounds a bit weird to have an inline four or a V6 on a Mustang, the engines appear to be good on paper. The smallest of the lot is a four cylinder Ford Ecoboost engine with a displacement of 2.3 litres. It generates a peak power of 305 bhp and a peak torque of 413 Nm. No matter how heavy the car is, 305 bhp is really a lot. The V6 version is carried forward from the past and the specs are unchanged with the maximum power being 305 bhp. The V8 version gets a refresh and it generates a peak power of 500 bhp. Insane. Isn’t it? The gearboxes would be the existing six speed manual and auto.

The right hand drive version of this model will make it to various global markets. India would get this model in 2015 with limited units on sale. We didn’t like the ‘limited units’ part but at least the fans will be happy. And we will get the V8 soundtrack every time one passes by.

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