Audi to Reveal Its Latest Concept Compact SUV Soon

It seems that the year 2014 is all set to see a lot of new vehicles enter the automobile market, as well as couple of concept vehicles will also make its way. Audi, the German Giant luxury car maker has recently released sketches of its all-new concept compact SUV, which will be making its debut in Detroit at the 2014 NAIAS. Although, the company hasn’t yet revealed what this concept vehicles is named, but for now they are simply referring it as the latest Show Car of Audi. By the sketch, we know that this model has two doors and it has a relatively high ground-clearance; which conveniently makes it look like a crossover with a distinctive sporting slant.

Audi Show Car

The Audi’s Show Car is visibly a nice blend of all the visual elements from its future models, where the all-road concept of the company and the “Shooting Brake” independent styling on the body could be admired. The car measures 4.20 meters in length with an evident strong road-stance to boast of. In order to make a clear form of design that is well sculpted, Audi combined the precise and neatly drawn lines with geometric surfaces. Thus the vehicle has a solo frame grille as well as a rear that is very similar to a coupe, while the side lines of the vehicle are rigid yet beautiful. Its overhangs are relatively shorter than other models of Audi, whereas a low roof-line ends in a powerful C pillar to add more beauty. The huge 19 inch wheels on a conspicuously aligned boy line strongly emphasis the kind of humble energy it has, which is absolutely concentrated to unleash.

Audi Show Car

Typically e-tron model design elements like ribs in solo frame grille as well as in sideways air inlets, expedients harmoniously to the comprehensive design concept of this vehicle. The typical honeycomb structured  solo frame grille suggests more development in the Quattro language of design, which this auto maker has already displayed in its show concept car of Sport Quattro earlier this September in Frankfurt; at the IAA.

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