Going Electric – Mahindra Reva E20

When someone says electric cars, what pops in your mind first … golf carts? Toy cars? Old two box Reva? What if we told you there is a proper 4 seater car, which can seat 4 fully grown adults in comfort and have a range of 120 kms doing 70kmph?

Say hello to the new Reva e20 T2, the latest offering from Mahindra.

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The body is still made of a polycarbonate based plastic which is impregnated with the body color to make the car scratch free. The body panels are glued to the frame to save weight making them light and rust free. We loved the quirky new design with the big honeycomb grill up front, angular shape, LED tail lamps and the two door design.

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The new reva feels very “normal car like” compared to the earlier reva which looked a bit alien to a lot of us. The theme is carried inside the car as well, piano black wood inserts, big chunky steering wheel, touch screen multimedia console, 4 speaker music system and a beautiful blue lit instrument pod which looks straight out of a star wars. The reva also come with a keyless entry and also an app for your smart phone.

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The enhanced Mahindra e2o effectively gets a range of 120 Kms on a single battery charge, perfectly addressing the range anxieties and making it the best in class urban mobility solution available in the country. The car now utilises energy more conscientiously and as a result the range has been improved by 20% without any additional cost.

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The new Reva e20 can be charged at home using any 15 Ampere plug point and a full charge which takes about 6 to 7 hrs depending on conditions. The car also comes equipped with Regenerative braking which back energy in the Li-ion battery whenever you slow down or brake. Mahindra has also set up quick charging booths at malls and other public places just in case you run out. These charging points are mapped on the gps loaded in the cars interface.

The Reva was always one of the easiest cars to drive in the country; the e20 takes it a step further. The cars come equipped with iEMS (intelligent Energy Management System) which displays on the screen in the drivers console. The car also comes equipped with a rear view camera and parking assist. The e2o also has Electric Power Steering and is a breeze to park in the tightest of spots, the turning radius is just 3.9m.

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The new variant of the e2o will be available in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata& Bangalore in Phase 1 and would be extended to other cities in due course. The car will be priced around 6 lakhs depending on the city.
We feel the Reva e20 makes a brilliant city runabout, people looking at buying a second car or those who commute to work within the city this is most definitely fits the bill.

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