CEO of General Motors Mary Barra releases the first export Beat LHD car from Indian factory

The Indian car economy is an esteemed sector at the global level, the power of manufacturing unit in the country is witnessed by world class international brands. Auto firms in Taiwan are keen to invest in India, and now General Motors is eyeing Indian investments as possible growth strategy. The CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra visited India, and explored Talegaon plat, it was a business driven visitation, but there is a deeper sense of acclaim attached to the visit. Mary Barra rolled out the first export car out of the factory, and now the exciting part is to guess the model, it is Chevrolet Beat designed with the advanced Left Hand drive (LHD) technology for Chilean segment.

Arvind Saxena roll out first Chevrolet Beat LHD for export

Arvind Saxena roll out first Chevrolet Beat LHD for export

The episode of launching the first ever Beat LHD export car is not really new, GM India earlier stated of its plan to export Beat LHD to Chile during the latter period of 2014. The other attractive thought out export destinations are Africa and Latin America, the Indian exported Beat LHD or Spark will launch in Chile in early 2015. Beat and Sail are top GM brands in India, the weak market economy has hindered desirable outcomes. The manufacturing capacity of Talegaon factory is vast, the unit can produce 1.7 lakh Sail and Beat cars in a year, but now the outcome has reduced considerably, mainly because of the weakened economy.

In 2013 GM India achieved only 28% of its production capacity from Talegaon and Halol units, the vision of the company is to format strategies to elevate manufacturing output of both factories and the prime area of focus will be export sectors. The Indian unit of General Motors recorded a steep 36.58% decline in 2014 August, and despite the market scenario not really picking up, the main American based establishment eyes the Indian factory to be a robust business driving unit.

The fact that Mary Barra launched the first export model of LHD Beat for Chilean markets is great news for Indian establishment, the source of inspiration that draws international attention into India is localization. Indian made products are reasonable compared to many other nations, the availability of resources are plenty which leads to increased product output.

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