Maruti Suzuki plans to build LCV within small scale capacity

Maruti Suzuki India is in the news for its new launches, the company is heading into a new design direction, there is a Ciaz sedan and compact XA Alpha SUV to look forward to. The firm is also working on a light commercial vehicle endeavour and a new LCV project is a big enterprise, but Maruti Suzuki aims to achieve fruitful profits with limited resources, as confirmed by top company executive. The Chairman of Maruti Suzuki, Bhargava RC said, ”we will commence LVC venture on tight scale and uplift the project taking into account the marketability factors and sale driving power.

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He gave an insight into the new LCV project saying the plan is to manufacture one ton LCV to fight the competitive battle with Ashok Leyland Dost, Mahindra Gio and Tata Ace and our completion target is 2015. Maruti Suzuki plans to drive great amount of energy into LCV and will have a separate service and sale network for the vehicle. Bhargava explained that ”the firm will install a separate distribution and sale unit for LCV, because it is not too feasible to sell light commercial vehicles from the same outlet as cars. The customers who opt for LCV’s are different and so are the facilities.”

When questioned on the growth outcome of LCV he said, ” I expect to view continued  positive growth outcomes with double digit surges, on the growth positivity outputs during the festive season Bhargava answered, ” we usually observe growth scale of 20 to 25% profits during the festive season and expect the pattern to follow suit this year. He expressed a sense of positivity on the business drive structure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

”The Government has started off on an attractive business drive note, and one cannot expect the economy to recover at a swift pace, over the past year the economy plunged into a grave decline. The market conditions declined to steep level for two years in a row, there was no signs of economy revival implementation, the level of governance was unsatisfactory, going by the extent of economy weakening, we will have to wait for more than two to three months to witness noticeable improvements said Bhargava.

To tide over the weakened economy and push sales, auto firms are offering attractive discount schemes for the festive season, when questioned on the same, Bhargava said, ”we have already reached a peak  double digit growth stage, while other firms are still in the shadow of recession, the discount pattern is a mimicry if one firm follows it, the other follow suit. Maruti Suzuki will soon unveil its big launch in October, Ciaz mid-size sedan, Bhargava hopes it does well and gathers greater customer sentiment value than the replaced SX4 car.

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