Audi R8 gets announced officially ahead of upcoming Geneva Motorshow

After a bout of leaked images Audi has finally announced the much awaited all new 2015 R8 prior to its premiere at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show this March. The R8 has always been about the perfect balance between design and performance. It is one of the few sportscar that’s comfortable, boasts of all the modern mumbo jumbo and yet is capable of sportscar speeds.



The design has been revamped considerably and the new R8 looks meaner and sportier.The side blades have been split into two pieces and the jewel LED headlamps enlighten the front facade. The side scoop have sharper and more precise boundaries so as to squeeze in more air and push it on the engine. The single frame grill has been stretched and the horizontal bars have been removed. Dimension wise the new Audi R8 will be wider, lighter and the wheelbase will be shorter than the current R8.

The rear end looks absolutely fantastic and contained. The LED tail lamp is sleeker and flatter. The retractable rear spoiler warps down at the edges and is made out of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP). The diffuser perches on the twin exhaust pipes and and adds a character to the new R8. The window gives a sneak peak into the V10 working its way out to propel the R8 faster.

2015-Audi-R8-shown-with-black-magma red-leather-beauty-interior-01

Audi R8 interiors have gone under the knife and as a result we are left with a futuristic piece of interiors designed in such a way that they will make not let you remember that you are sitting in a supercar with V10 beast under the hood. The knobs and other controls layout has been driver oriented and nevertheless tries to achieve perfect ergonomical status. Audi customers will be given the luxury to choose between Alcantara/pearl nappa leather and fine Nappa leather additionally they would also be given the liberty to choose where the carbon fibre accents should sit in. If you are a audiophile then toss in some more cash and Audi will fit a 500-watt Bang & Olufsen sound system along with an Audi phone box.


Audi has stuck to its philosophy and the R8 helps in achieving the perfect blend between a powerful engine and an equally striking design elements. Under the hood we discovered the 5.2 litre V10 unit borrowed from the Lamborghini Huracan which shares the same platform as the R8. The engine develops a whopping 532bhp @8000 rpm and the same powerhouse will produce an additional 15bhp. Audi is expected to come with a V8 option and also its famous e-tron variant.

The Audi R8 doesn’t seem to be a gas guzzler at all in-spite of the fact that it is powered by a V10 engine, thanks to the auto start/stop system and an additional mechanism that idles the engine while cutting down speeds. Audi R8 manages to return an impressive 19.9mpg which is almost equivalent to 10kmpl.


Mating the engine with the right transmission is a crucial task and Audi seems to have got it right with the 7-speed dual clutch gearbox that ensures smoother shifts and instantaneous power delivery. R8 comes with 8 driving modes and the does the 0-100 sprint in just 3.2 sec which is a tad quicker than the earlier Audi that managed to achieve the same feat in 3.5 sec. The R8 manages to reach a top whack of 330kph, which is 13kmph more than its predecessor. Audis traditional Quattro AWD system has been tinkered with and it now comes with a front electro hydraulic multi-plate clutch. The clutch decides whether to transfer all the power to rear axle as it does normally or instead redirect the power to the front wheels to ensure better grip. The mechanical differential lock will provide good traction on varied road conditions.

Traction and Handling

The new 2015 Audi R8 along with producing more power also comes with a revamped Quattro system to handle the power. The best part of the new Quattro is the ability to turn the car into rear wheel drive or front wheel drive depending upon the driving conditions. This will make sure that the car sticks to the road and inspite of firing up all the 10-cylinders and taking it into a vicious corner you wont be thrown off the track. The Audi R8 has one of the best handling characteristics and it beckons the driver to push it to limits before actually scaring him off.

The Body

Well being light automatically translates into high speeds, thus Audi has built the R8 using several composite materials like aluminium and CFRP so as to keep the vehicle light at 1,555 Kg which means that the new R8 has shed 50Kgs as compared to its predecessor. Coming to the fact about how strong the R8 is, it is learnt that the torsional rigidity has been increased by a whopping 40 percent.

Audi sits on a 19-inch wheels wrapped with 245/35 front and 295/35 rear tires another optional is the 20-inch alloys that are glued to 245/30 and 305/30. The basic Audi R8 doesn’t come with a fiber ceramic brake and it comes only in the higher speeced R8 V10 Plus.


The second generation Audi doesn’t come cheap and costs 165,000 Euros for the basic model and 187,400 for the R8 V10 Plus.


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