Goodyear reveals world’s first electricity generating concept tyre at Geneva 2015

Every firm related to automobile presented its latest innovations and developments at the Geneva Motors Show 2015. While everyone were definitely checking out all the new cars and vehicles that were put up on display Goodyear, one of the world’s largest tyre companies, had something new for the automobile world. The company revealed world’s first electricity generating concept tyre at the Motor Show.

Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear Tyres

This concept is the latest development of Goodyear. It is the tyre of the future which has the capacity to produce its own electricity. Goodyear has codenamed this new concept as BH03. The concept behind the technology is that the tyre can transform generated deformation into electrical energy. The tyre is a purely conceptual development and is designed to be part of the company’s innovation thought process. There is no plan to release this tyre to the market.

Jean-Pierre Jeusette, General Director at the Goodyear Innovation Center in Luxembourg is the chap who developed the concept. He said that concerns about energy and the environment drove them to develop this energy producing concept tyre. Every futuristic idea starts with a societal challenge that they aim to address as they work to build a better future. They are highly convinced that this tyre provides inspiration and that its insights will have a place in future development. This new electricity generating concept tyre is further proof of the impressive innovation developed by the designers and scientists at the Goodyear Innovation Center in Luxembourg.

The concept tyre creates electrical energy that supplies the batteries of the car’s hybrid powertrain, as well as other on-board technologies. There are two kinds of materials behind this concept – Thermoelectric material, which transforms the heat (generated inside the tyre by the ultra-black texture in static condition by light/heat absorption or by its rolling when dynamic) into electric energy, and Piezoelectric material, that transforms the pressure due to structure deformation into electric energy.

The inner structure of the tyre is a combination of these new materials which forms a 3D network. This structure could potentially support the load of a car if the tyre gets punctured. The tyre also has a unique tread pattern which absorbs noise. The tyre is a pure concept development and will not be produced by Goodyear. Concept tyres are designed as part of the company’s innovation process and are developed to stir debate, discuss possible solutions and enable engineers to think out of the box to deliver smart solutions for a smart future.


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