Toyota says lemonades can power fuel cell vehicles

Toyota, one of the leaders in the automotive world, has always been known for going out of the box when it comes to the technologies they install in their vehicles. And while doing so, they keep the most important things in their mind, the consumer’s comfort and the safety quotient and so far it has done some great things. Toyota has secured the right to be known as one of the most important and one the most successful car companies in the world. And the road hasn’t been easy, as it also got criticized in a few instances.

Toyota Logo.

But when Toyota announced that it is developing a vehicle which will get its power from hydrogen fuel cells, it became very interesting to understand more about the scenario. Everybody was keen to know because everybody knows what the Japanese folks are capable of. And they didn’t disappoint. They came up with something amazing like a vehicle that runs with hydrogen, which is almost available in abundance in our dear mother nature. The new Toyota Mirai is said to be the first of the vehicles to run on the Hydrogen fuel cells and this, if turns out well, will become a very sensational success. The company is considering some natural resources to extract hydrogen such as oil creek’s water and they have gone to as far as to cow dung in order to make things right. Now that’s gutsy, we must admit. After all, we can’t expect any less from one of the world’s leaders in the car development.

But the very recent development in the case is a report that suggested that lemonades are being into some serious consideration as they can be used as very rich source of hydrogen. In a new video, Toyota joined hands with a famous comedian and used humour as a way to spread awareness about the potential source of hydrogen. Titled ‘fuelled by lemonade’, the video pointed out the fact that this can be the future and can change many things in the advancement of the fuel cell vehicles.

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