Honda Opens CNG Fuel Station In Ohio

The CNG engines are very good substitutes for the petrol and the diesel engines for vehicles. Although the vehicles running on the CNG are still less in number than their petrol and the diesel counterparts but the scenario is changing very fast as the vehicles running on the CNG are more nature friendly and more economical. In a cost conscious country like India, the CNG vehicles are growing at a good rate and so are the CNG pumps where you get your tank filled. However, in the developed countries like the United States, the CNG is also gaining popularity for the environmental friendly benefits.


Honda Cars India Ltd

The newly opened CNG stations in Marengo and Marysville takes the total number of CNG filling stations to 14 in the Ohio region and they are also very frequently increasing their influence in the other parts of the country as well which is quite a thing. Named as the 24000 Honda Parkway, a new station got opened which will further facilitate the usage of the compressed natural gas in the country which still has a soft corner for the petrol and the diesel vehicles while stating the fact that the CNG vehicles provides low performance than other two fossil fuels. The new CNG station which was opened recently by Japanese car major Honda has been opened for the general public.

Honda has always been a pioneer company when it comes to the usage of the latest technologies in the passenger vehicles. After all, they are counted among the top carmakers in the world. And that reason for most parts is the fact the company has shown the potential to go through any limits what so ever to provide their customers with the most advanced level of comfort.

Honda officials said on the occasion of the new CNG station inauguration that as one of the most sought after companies, it becomes Honda’s responsibility to make the consumers aware of what is right for the environment. And as the company observed the lack of enthusiasm in the public regarding CNG, the company decided to do something about it.

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